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Are saline injections an effective form of Tattoo Removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I heard that injecting saline into the tattoo area can blur the ink and modify or fade the tattoo. Does this work? Read more
How common is salabrasion for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Is it performed in many clinics? What are the pros and cons? Read more
Will I need to avoid sun exposure after tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
I'm planning to go on vacation to a tropical climate in a few weeks. Should I wait to start my laser tattoo removal treatments until I come back? Read more
Is swelling a common side effect of laser tattoo removal?
I had my first session a couple days ago, and the treatment area is super swollen and painful. Is this normal? What can I do to take away the swelling? Read more
What kind of professionals are needed for laser tattoo removal?
I heard that tattoo removal clinics should have both a certified laser specialist and laser safety officer on site. Is this true? It seems a little extreme. Read more
Is laser hair removal safe to have on sensitive areas?
Hair Removal - 2 answers
Like the upper lip? What about for eyebrow shaping? Read more
Will hair treated with laser hair removal ever grow back?
Hair Removal - 2 answers
How long can I expect the results to last? Read more
Why does laser tattoo removal take so many sessions to get rid of tattoos?
I heard that it takes 4 or 5 sessions minimum to remove a tattoo with laser tattoo removal. Why does it take so many? Is there anything I can do to make it take fewer sessions? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal be used on the inner lip?
Or is the area too sensitive? I have a small tattoo of a name on my inner lower lip. Read more
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Can Tattoo Removal get rid of tattoos on flabby skin?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I recently lost over 100 pounds, and the tattoo I got when I was heavy now has shrunk and warped. I'd like to have it removed, but the skin on the area is not very firm (due to weight loss). Will this be a prob... Read more
Can laser tattoo removal target certain colors?
But then leave other colors unfaded? Or will it remove all pigments, regardless or color? Read more
What is the best type of laser to use for laser tattoo removal?
Are certain medical lasers better than others? What should I ask my specialist about the laser(s) their facility uses? Read more
Can Fraxel work for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
Does Fraxel or other fractional resurfacing work to lighten or remove a tattoo? Read more
Does laser tattoo removal work on lip liner?
Can permanent lip liner be removed with the laser treatment? Read more
Can tattoo artists perform laser tattoo removal?
Or are only doctors allowed to use the laser devices? Read more
Can laser hair removal make hair grow back thicker?
Hair Removal - 3 answers
My friend claims that after laser removal some of the hair grew back and it seemed coarser and darker than before. Could this really happen? Read more
How soon after a tattoo is placed can I start laser tattoo removal?
Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before removing it? I got the tattoo about 3 months ago, big mistake, also, will it take more sessions to remove because it is new? Read more
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