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Experts estimate that one in five Americans have a tattoo. Of those 10 million people, it is estimated that at least half have considered tattoo removal. Tattoo removal benefits thousands of individuals undergoing changes in lifestyle, personal taste, career, or otherwise. Current medical technology allows for removal centers to provide effective removal with less chance of scarring and no need for surgery.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal targets tattoo ink with bursts of laser light that penetrate the epidermis, or outer layer of skin. This laser light is then absorbed by the tattoo ink and causes the pigment of the tattoo to deteriorate. The ink is gradually removed by the immune system after each treatment in stages. Scarring is relatively rare as are infections assuming the site is properly cared for after each treatment. Different lasers are used according to the color and type of ink (for instance, green light is effective in the removal of orange or red ink) and the skin color of the patient. More information on the different types of lasers for removing tattoos is also available on TattooHealth.org.

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TattooHealth.org is the leading online directory and resource for those seeking information on removing tattoos and tattoo removal center locations. Our directory can assist you in your search for a physician specializing in laser removal near you. We encourage you to use this free directory to locate a specialist in your area, as well as to access pertinent health information regarding the removal of tattoos. Please email a local tattoo removal specialist directly from our website to receive a prompt response to your inquiry. Information related to the Tattoo Removal Process and current Articles are also available.