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I just got a tattoo and hate it. Can I get it removed as soon as possible?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I'm 16 and just got my first tattoo. I got it as a birthday present, but I hate it and want it gone. I want it off my body. I realize I don't want a tattoo at all. It's maybe 3 hours old. Can I get it removed a... Read more
After laser tatto removal I have a headache that won't go away. What can I do?
I had 4 laser tattoo removal treatments. After 4 weeks I have been suffering from a headache that does not go away. I have tried everything — migrane tablets, antibotics and nothing works. Could you please ad... Read more
Does the skin get uneven after peeling from laser tattoo removal?
I have two tattoos on both hands. It's been 16 days since the first laser tattoo removal session. 40% of the ink from my one tattoo has been removed and the rest is fading. But while the skin dried up and peele... Read more
I want to remove only a section of my tattoo and keep some of it. How much of the surrounding area will TCA treatment affect? A couple inches?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
My tattoo is composed of watercolor ink adjacent to a section of black ink. I want to remove the black ink but keep the watercolor adjacent to it. I want to know how much area of the watercolor tattoo I will be... Read more
I had 10 tattoo removal sessions on black ink tattoos. They still haven't gone. What should I do?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I've done maybe more than 10 sessions of laser tatto removal on 5 small and medium tattoos. They are already blurred, but are still there. After my last session they became hyperpigmented. They're reddish and l... Read more
Can I recieve laser treatments while breastfeeding?
I've had 5 laser treatments to remove my tattoo. It's almost gone. But, I stopped treatment to have a baby. I've been reading and doing research. I'm just not sure if it'll get into my bloodstream and become da... Read more
I had laser tattoo removal a few days ago. My ankle is swollen going down into foot & up into calf, and now large blisters, hot & sore.
I’ve had the treatment three times previously without any ill effects so I'm concerned why this has happened on this occasion. Read more
My skin turned dark red after the laser tattoo removal. Will the redness go away? It's been 3 months and it's still dark brownish red.
I did microblading 3 months ago. I immediately regretted it and few weeks later I did laser tatto removal (Q switch). So far I did 3 laser sessions and every time it makes my skin red and it doesn't remove the ... Read more
2 days after my lazer i got a UTI . Test come back neg. Peeing out the ink can give you psin ?
I have been two times now to get tested for a UTI and eveything is OK. If im my body is getting rid of the ink particles through my urine will it give me a feeling like cystitus? Read more
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Can laser break up oxidized and darkened eyebrow pigment inks? Particularly titanium and iron metals pieces.
Are these metal pieces impossible to break up? I have had darkening of my semi-permanent eyebrow upon my first laser removal with Picosure yesterday. It has turned it from light brown to a darker brown. Read more
I want part of my tattoo removed but I'm black and I am concerned that I will have problems getting the tattoo removed, especially with Picosure laser
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Is Picosure still a good option for me without bad side effects? It's all black ink, mostly shading on my chest. Read more
I’ve had 10+ tattoo removal treatments on a small tattoo (black ink) on the upper part of my thigh. Skin is still itchy months Later. Is that normal?
Sometimes my skin will form like a random weird bump in the region where I had treatments. I still have a few more to go. Should I continue? My complexion is darker, more of a dark tan complexion so the laser h... Read more
I have had 2 tattoo removal sessions on forearm on blk and gray. a year later The area is sensitive to sunlight. it gets itchy and swollen. pleasehelp
I had 2 sessions of tattoo removal and my last treatment was June 2016. It is just black and gray on my forearm. The removal seems to have worked. But now I have sensitivity to sunlight in the area. It gets itc... Read more
I have a small tatoo of the name NAREN. If I want to remove it, will it be more painful than getting another tattoo?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I have made a tattoo of the name 'NAREN' it is a small tatoo. if I want to remove it now, will it be more painful than getting another tatroo? Read more
I saw improvment after 6 sessions using picoway but had to move and use picsure for my 7th session and tattoo looks darker than before is this normal?
Hi. I have been going to see doctors about my tattoo and have been using PicoWay for up to six sessions, and have I've seen marked improvement each time but as soon as I started using PicoSure, I realized that ... Read more
Where can I buy TCA?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I'm looking for a safe place to purchase TCA to try it on my tattoo. A store or online site is fine with me. Read more
Today is Wednesday. I got a tattoo on Sunday, should my skin under the tattoo be raised?
General - 2 answers
Today is Wednesday. I got a tattoo on Sunday, should my skin under the tattoo be raised? Read more
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