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I just got a tattoo with dark purple, black, green, a little yellow, and a little teal. Would this be removable?
I am looking into laser removal and the place I would like to go has a Trinity by Astanza which they claim can remove all of the colors in my tattoo. The tattoo is on my ankle and is about the size of my hand. ... Read more
Would covering a colored tattoo with black ink work better than Laser Tattoo Removal?
I've had 15 sessions of tattoo removal on my rose but it has only faded. I was wondering if I got a black tattoo over the top would it work better? Read more
Do you have a list of facilities where the R20 is offered?
Do all of your facilities listed offer the R20 method as a service? Is there a way to refine my search for a facility near me by this service? Read more
What is the danger of sun exposure after laser tattoo removal?
I had a black ink tattoo removed in three phases via laser tattoo removal. My last treatment was performed in March 2012. I'm planning a vacation after three months of healing. Do I need to keep the treated are... Read more
Can a diabetic patient get laser tattoo removal without a problem?
Can laser tattoo removal be harmful if you are a Type 1 diabetic? Read more
Does all natural tribal tattoo ink fade faster than others after laser removal?
I would like to remove a rose tattoo that was done with natural ink. I was told it was tribal ink, but I'm not sure what that means. Can this type of ink be removed with laser tattoo removal? Read more
Is the R20 method of tattoo removal effective on colors other than black?
I have black, red and green ink colors in my tattoo. Will the R20 method be effective in removing the red and green as well as the black ink? Read more
Is there more trauma to the skin with the R20 Method?
Can the r20 method be used on a tattoo with multiple colors? Is there more truama to skin, and is there scarring? Read more
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How are results using the R20 method on a muti-colored tattoo?
Are results favorable when using the R20 method on a multi-colored tattoo on the foot? I have a colored (3x3 inches) tattoo on each foot that I would like to remove in the near future. Any suggestions from phy... Read more
Are all 4 treatments at same settings?
Are laser settings changed per treatment much like traditional laser removal? Read more
Is it safe to remove red ink from the face of an African American?
Hi there. I am wondering how "safe" it is to try to remove red ink from the face of an African American. I understand the 532nm wavelength is the correct treatment protocol, yet this isn't typically advised fo... Read more
Are there any supplements to increase the effectiveness of tattoo removal?
Will drinking water, vitamin supplements, no alcohol, etc.. help with the removal process? Read more
Why do I still have bumps 5 weeks after my first laser tattoo removal session?
I got my first removal session just over 5 weeks ago. I have black and red ink. There are bumps ranging from small to sort of large clusters (seems swelled) in the red part of the tattoo. It's not painful, just... Read more
Is Medlite c6 a good laser?
Is Medlite c6 a good laser to remove tattos? Read more
3 treatments and faded, but...
I've had 3 laser treatments on my tattoo which just has dark blue color. It has been 3 years now and it has faded quite a bit. Will it ever ALL go away or will I carry this "ghost" forever? Would 3 more session... Read more
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