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Can laser tattoo removal be used on facial areas?
I have a tattoo on my eyelids and i dont want this any more, its something i can do???, the color of the tattoo is beige. thank you very much. Read more
Does laser tattoo removal work equally on all body areas?
Are there any areas of the body that laser tattoo removal wouldn't work on? i.e. fingers, facial, genital areas? Read more
Are tattoo removal creams dangerous?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Can the creams damage my skin? Are they even effective in removal or do they just lighten tattoos? Read more
Can tattoo parlors perform tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Or is tattoo removal only available through medical facilities? Do doctors have to perform the removal? Read more
Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?
Laser Resurfacing - 2 answers
How much of a "clean slate" can actually be achieved? Will my skin look just like it did before I got my tattoo? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal be used multiple times?
I had a portion of a tattoo removed with LTR and another name tattooed in the same spot. Now I want the whole tattoo off, but I'm worried that the part I had previously laser treated might be a problem. Read more
Do tattoo removal creams work?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Are any of the creams and topical treatments available very good for lightening/removing tattoos? Read more
Will laser tattoo removal get rid of hair near the tattoo?
Hi I have a tattoo at the base of my skull; I got it when my head was shaved. You can see half of it on my neck (below hairline) and half in hair, I'd like to get it removed but I don't want a permanent bald sp... Read more
How long does laser tattoo removal take?
How many sessions will be needed before my tattoo is removed? What factors influence how long it will take? Read more
Does laser tattoo removal work on elderly skin?
I am over 65 and have a tattoo I've wanted removed for decades. Is laser tattoo removal safe for older people? What are the risks? Will it work on my looser, aged skin? Thank you very much Read more
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What happens to the ink during laser tattoo removal?
How does the laser remove the ink from skin? Is it sucked out of the skin or pushed deeper, so that you can't see it from the surface? Does it burn it off? Thanks! Read more
Can laser tattoo removal remove other unwanted pigmentation?
My friend has laser tattoo removal and swears that the freckles/moles/age spots in the area are now lighter. Is it possible for the lasers used in tattoo removal to lighten unwanted skin pigmentations? Read more
Can laser hair removal get rid of any hair?
Hair Removal - 3 answers
Can hair on places like the underarms, pubic area, eyebrows, etc. be treated effectively? Read more
What are the hardest colors to treat with tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I have a very colorful tattoo that I'd like to have removed, but I've heard that it's hard to remove certain colors. Is this true, and which colors are the hardest and easiest to remove, and why? Read more
How does laser resurfacing compare to other skin rejuvenation techniques?
Laser Resurfacing - 3 answers
I'm trying to decide what is best: laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels. Is laser resurfacing a good choice compared to the other options out there? Read more
What type of lasers are used for hair removal?
Hair Removal - 2 answers
What kind of lasers are used for laser hair removal? Do the lasers cause damage to the skin under the hair? Read more
How long does hair removal take for full results?
Hair Removal - 3 answers
How many sessions are required to completely remove hair in a given area? Will the hair ever grow back? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal treat tattoos on the foot?
Is it harder to remove tattoos on the foot/ankle area than other areas of the body? I heard laser tattoo removal works best on more fleshy areas. Read more
Does camouflaging a tattoo work as an alternative to tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I heard that it's possible to tattoo skin-colored ink over an unwanted tattoo, making the old tattoo invisible. Does this work, and if so, why would anyone use painful laser removal? Read more
When is surgical tattoo removal a good option?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
I have a large tattoo on my back. Is surgery better for removing large tattoos? What are the risks involved? Read more
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