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Hair Removal Questions

Is laser hair removal safe to have on sensitive areas?
Hair Removal -2 answers
Like the upper lip? What about for eyebrow shaping? Read more
Will hair treated with laser hair removal ever grow back?
Hair Removal -2 answers
How long can I expect the results to last? Read more
Can laser hair removal make hair grow back thicker?
Hair Removal -3 answers
My friend claims that after laser removal some of the hair grew back and it seemed coarser and darker than before. Could this really happen? Read more
Can laser hair removal get rid of any hair?
Hair Removal -3 answers
Can hair on places like the underarms, pubic area, eyebrows, etc. be treated effectively? Read more
What type of lasers are used for hair removal?
Hair Removal -2 answers
What kind of lasers are used for laser hair removal? Do the lasers cause damage to the skin under the hair? Read more
How long does hair removal take for full results?
Hair Removal -3 answers
How many sessions are required to completely remove hair in a given area? Will the hair ever grow back? Read more

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