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Will the skin look weird after tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Or will it look the same as before the tattoo was placed? Read more
Can Laser Tatoo Removal work for pigmented scars?
I have a thin, dark red scar on my arm and was wondering if laser tattoo removal could make it lighter? Its really red. Read more
Is tattoo removal going to damage my skin?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Will tattoo removal make the skin look scarred or damaged after the tattoo is gone? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal be used on acne-prone skin?
My son has a tattoo that needs to be removed, but the area it is on (shoulder) tends to have a lot of acne. Is this a problem? Will it make the acne worse, or cause it to scar? Read more
Should tatttoo removal be spaced out?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
I have a sleeve and I want the whole thing removed. Should I schedule it in installments, or can I have the whole arm treated in one day? Read more
How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
Is it common for facilities to offer low-cost tattoo removal for those wishing to remove gang-related tattoos? I've heard that some will. What factors determine the cost? Read more
How long have lasers been used for tattto removal?
Have safety tests or clinical studies been done? Read more
Can tattoo removal treat tribal tattoos?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I have some dark tribal style tattoos as well as scarification that has tattoo pigment in the raised scars. What removal methods are available? Can they reduce the raised nature of the scarification, as well? Read more
In laser tattoo removal, how does the laser remove the ink?
I don't get how the laser bleaches out the tattoo. Where does the ink go? Read more
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Can Dermabrasion work for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Can Dermabrasion work for tattoo removal? Will it leave scars? Read more
Are tattoo removal creams normally painful?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
The cream I have burns my skin and I'm worried it may be causing damage. Is this normal? Read more
Does laser tattoo removal damage the skin?
Is the skin damaged in any way after laser tattoo removal? Can exposure to the laser cause skin cancer? Read more
I have an ankle tattoo that encircles my ankle, should my tattoo be removed in sections?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Should they only laser half the ankle tattoo at a time, so in case of swelling, there isn't risk of cutting off circulation to the ankle? Read more
How should I choose a tattoo removal specialist?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
Are there certain credentials or trainings a person needs to remove tattoos? Read more
How long does the laser tattoo removal take on a large tattoo?
I have a large tattoo across my upper back. Are the laser tattoo removal procedures broken up into short sessions, or will the whole area be treated at once? Read more
Could laser tattoo removal treat moles?
I have a tattoo I'm going to have removed with LTR, but right next to it I have two flat dark moles and I was wondering if treating the moles with the laser would lighten/remove them as well? Read more
Does the type of laser affect laser tattoo removal effectiveness?
I have had 2 treatments with a laser (candelesend) I do not know if this is the right spelling. I have some fading, but minimal at most. The laser is not doing much in the area of removal. What do you have for ... Read more
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