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Does camouflaging a tattoo work as an alternative to tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I heard that it's possible to tattoo skin-colored ink over an unwanted tattoo, making the old tattoo invisible. Does this work, and if so, why would anyone use painful laser removal? Read more
After each laser session when is the time-frame in which the lymphatic system is removing the most ink?
I was wondering after each laser session, which is the time-frame in which our immune system/lymphatic system is removing the most amount of ink that was broken up during the laser session? Would it be during t... Read more
Can tattoo removal treat tribal tattoos?
Tattoo Removal - 1 answer
I have some dark tribal style tattoos as well as scarification that has tattoo pigment in the raised scars. What removal methods are available? Can they reduce the raised nature of the scarification, as well? Read more
Matacide was sprayed on tatto instead of green soap.
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
If matacide was sprayed on a tattoo accidentally instead of green soap, what can happen? Read more
Why does laser tattoo removal take so many sessions to get rid of tattoos?
I heard that it takes 4 or 5 sessions minimum to remove a tattoo with laser tattoo removal. Why does it take so many? Is there anything I can do to make it take fewer sessions? Read more
Could laser tattoo removal treat moles?
I have a tattoo I'm going to have removed with LTR, but right next to it I have two flat dark moles and I was wondering if treating the moles with the laser would lighten/remove them as well? Read more
Can tattoo artists perform laser tattoo removal?
Or are only doctors allowed to use the laser devices? Read more
Is it safe to remove red ink from the face of an African American?
Hi there. I am wondering how "safe" it is to try to remove red ink from the face of an African American. I understand the 532nm wavelength is the correct treatment protocol, yet this isn't typically advised fo... Read more
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I want my new tattoo removed. Is it better to do it now while the ink is still fresh or wait until later?
Tattoo Removal - 4 answers
I have a new tattoo. I got it about last October and I want it removed. Is it better to do it now or wait? I really don't want any scarring or left over marks. What is my best option? Read more
What options do I have when it comes to removing a UV tattoo?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
I have a 3in x 3in UV skin candy tattoo. It is purple, pink and white. At this point, I'd be willing to take a scar for it. It gets irritated a lot and aches. Is laser removal even an option? If not, what are m... Read more
Can tattoo parlors perform tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Or is tattoo removal only available through medical facilities? Do doctors have to perform the removal? Read more
I had laser tattoo removal a few days ago. My ankle is swollen going down into foot & up into calf, and now large blisters, hot & sore.
I’ve had the treatment three times previously without any ill effects so I'm concerned why this has happened on this occasion. Read more
Free tattoo removal for joining the Navy?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
I was told that I could get a tattoo removed for free because I want to join the Navy. Is this true? Read more
Does laser tattoo removal work equally on all body areas?
Are there any areas of the body that laser tattoo removal wouldn't work on? i.e. fingers, facial, genital areas? Read more
2 days after my lazer i got a UTI . Test come back neg. Peeing out the ink can give you psin ?
I have been two times now to get tested for a UTI and eveything is OK. If im my body is getting rid of the ink particles through my urine will it give me a feeling like cystitus? Read more
I have had 2 tattoo removal sessions on forearm on blk and gray. a year later The area is sensitive to sunlight. it gets itchy and swollen. pleasehelp
I had 2 sessions of tattoo removal and my last treatment was June 2016. It is just black and gray on my forearm. The removal seems to have worked. But now I have sensitivity to sunlight in the area. It gets itc... Read more
How common is salabrasion for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Is it performed in many clinics? What are the pros and cons? Read more
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