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Are saline injections an effective form of Tattoo Removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
I heard that injecting saline into the tattoo area can blur the ink and modify or fade the tattoo. Does this work? Read more
What is the best type of laser to use for laser tattoo removal?
Are certain medical lasers better than others? What should I ask my specialist about the laser(s) their facility uses? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal treat tattoos on the foot?
Is it harder to remove tattoos on the foot/ankle area than other areas of the body? I heard laser tattoo removal works best on more fleshy areas. Read more
3 treatments and faded, but...
I've had 3 laser treatments on my tattoo which just has dark blue color. It has been 3 years now and it has faded quite a bit. Will it ever ALL go away or will I carry this "ghost" forever? Would 3 more session... Read more
Will the skin look weird after tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 2 answers
Or will it look the same as before the tattoo was placed? Read more
Can laser tattoo removal get rid of just a part of my tattoo?
I have a large tattoo with a name in the center of it. I really like the tattoo, just not the name (anymore). Can laser tattoo removal isolate a small area of a tattoo to remove, and can I have another name t... Read more
How safe and effective is laser tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
How safe is is laser tattoo removal? And does it remove the tattoo 100%? Read more
Is it possible to remove Tattoo Eyebrows by Laser Tattoo Removal?
I tattoo my eyebrows three years ago. They were to be brown, but turned out to be ashing in color. I would like to have them removed by laser. How many treatments are needed? Read more
How does tattoo removal look on African American skin?
What type of scar is left on African American skin after either regular or laser tattoo removal? Read more
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Can Fraxel work for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
Does Fraxel or other fractional resurfacing work to lighten or remove a tattoo? Read more
How long does it take to remove an inner lip tattoo with laser tattoo removal?
Approximately how long would it take for an inner lip tattoo to be removed or lightened with laser tattoo removal? How long would it take to heal? The tattoo consists of six letters and is already fading. Read more
Is Medlite c6 a good laser?
Is Medlite c6 a good laser to remove tattos? Read more
Does the type of laser affect laser tattoo removal effectiveness?
I have had 2 treatments with a laser (candelesend) I do not know if this is the right spelling. I have some fading, but minimal at most. The laser is not doing much in the area of removal. What do you have for ... Read more
Can a diabetic patient get laser tattoo removal without a problem?
Can laser tattoo removal be harmful if you are a Type 1 diabetic? Read more
What is the danger of sun exposure after laser tattoo removal?
I had a black ink tattoo removed in three phases via laser tattoo removal. My last treatment was performed in March 2012. I'm planning a vacation after three months of healing. Do I need to keep the treated are... Read more
Fastest option for tattoo removal?
Tattoo Removal - 3 answers
What is the fastest, least expensive option for removing a tattoo? The tattoo is on the underside of my wrist and is about 3/4 in by 2 1/2 in. I am not too worried about scarring but need this done within 1 mon... Read more
Can laser hair removal make hair grow back thicker?
Hair Removal - 3 answers
My friend claims that after laser removal some of the hair grew back and it seemed coarser and darker than before. Could this really happen? Read more
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