Is Tattoo Removal Most Common In Your Thirties?

When is someone most likely to get laser tattoo removal? It may be immediately following the day that they get the tattoo, after they wake up and realize what they have done. Or it may be immediately following a major life change like a divorce. But those are times that are specifically dependent on an event. Is there an age when people are most likely to consider getting laser tattoo removal? One tattoo expert says that people are most likely to get laser tattoo removal in their thirties. This is due to the fact that many people are wrapping up college and starting their serious careers at this time and they feel that the tattoo is a negative reflection on them that could hinder them from getting a job. It may be truer for women than for men that the thirties are a good time to get laser tattoo removal. Studies indicate that they may be more likely to get tattoo removal due to social stigma. This would be likely during the thirties because of a new career, a new marriage and / or the starting of a family. Question of the Day: At what age are you most likely to get laser tattoo removal?

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