Improving on New Tattoo Inks

There was a lot of hype last year about the release of new tattoo inks that are much easier to remove with laser tattoo removal than are the tattoo inks that are currently used in the industry. In fact, removable tattoo inks were named one of the hottest new products at the end of 2007. However, you probably haven't heard a lot about them this year. Tattoo artists have been hesitant to start offering these new tattoo inks. There are a variety of reasons for this including the fact that many tattoo artists believe in the permanency of their work. However their main concern is that they don't want to use inks that are going to fade quickly or result in tattoos that don't look as good ten years from now as they do today. There is one company working on a new tattoo ink called Infinitink that has taken it upon themselves to create an easily removable tatoo ink that will be of a high enough quality to impress the tattoo artists. Tattoo artists report three criteria in a tattoo ink - it goes on easily, it doesn't fade and it's bright in color. The company says that Infinitink meets those requirements but that it's also significantly easier to remove by laser than the tattoo inks that are currently in use. And they should know since their CEO personally tests out the products by getting the ink tattooed on and lasered off every time. Question of the Day: Are removable tattoo inks ever going to be the hot product people thought that they would be? photo link
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