Ultraviolet Tattoos: More Dangerous Than Just a Fashion Statement

The rave scene hit its peak in the 1980s, but it is still around today. Young people from all different backgrounds enjoy the anonymity of the black lights. So, it comes as no surprise that people deliberately do things to alter their appearance under the presence of those black lights.

This is where ultraviolet tattoos come in. When ultraviolet tattoos first started making an appearance at both raves and various club venues, they were considered the height of creative expression. Specifically, ultraviolet tattoos are applied in the same manner as a regular tattoo, except they can only be viewed under a black light.

Yes, ultraviolet tattoos were, for a time one of the most popular trends amongst the ravers and clubbers, but then people started getting sick and having horrible reactions to the ink used in the tattoos. These kinds of tattoos require an ink that includes phosphorous, which provides the fluorescence of the tattoo.

Phosphorous is dangerous, and has even been known to cause skin cancer amongst those who've gotten this kind of tattoo. Other people experienced skin infection, and even scarring. As a result, many tattoo artists stopped doing this kind of tattoo. It was difficult to apply anyway since it had to be done under a black light.

 These tattoos can still be gotten, but only by artists who make their own ink. This kind of tattooing has never been endorsed by the FDA, either. Thus, those who are interested in getting a tattoo should only get a traditional one.


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