Tattoo Removal: The Story of a Love Gone Bad

You've always been a strong believer in love. It's a wonderful feeling, and it does indeed make the world go 'round. Although you love love very much, it hasn't always been very nice to you. You admit that you have a tendency to fall in love too quickly, but really, what's so bad about loving someone from afar?

No, love really hasn't been very nice to you, and now you have to go and have a tattoo removal procedure done because of it. To be honest, this isn't the first tattoo removal procedure you've had done. No, you've had just about as much experience with tattoo removal procedures as you've had with getting your heart broken.

However, you feel that this most recent heartbreak has been your worst yet, and it's so bad that you feel this tattoo removal process shall be your last. Really, it's all been too painful. Plus, your skin is starting to fall off. Your latest romantic misadventure started a couple of weeks ago. You were at the grocery store, minding your own business, just picking up some dinner after a long day at the compost factory.

Love, as you know, has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it, and this time love came in the form of Annie, the cashier (thank goodness for name tags!). You'd been going to this grocery store for as long as you could remember, and had never seen her before. Her blondish red hair was tied back in a bun, but you could tell that it was long and sexy. Her eyes, hidden beneath thick glasses, were quite lovely too.

When you fall in love, you can't help but show it, and realized that you were staring at her. A poke from a disgruntled customer brought you back to reality. So what if you were holding up the line, love is more important! You tried you best to give her a sexy "hello", but she was too busy holding out her hand. Oh, she wants to hold your hand already, how wonderful! You reach out and take her hand.

"Um, sir, you need to pay." Oh, was that all. You felt a pang of rejection as you reached into the back pocket of your tattered black jeans and somehow found the necessary money (after all, your hands were shaking!). You slowly handed her the money, savoring the moment for all it was worth. Well, until she yanked the bills from your hand. When she gave you your change, you tried to hold her hand again, but she was too quick. The disgruntled customer pushed you out of the way, and the moment was over as soon as it had begun.

That didn't stop you from getting a tattoo of her name on your upper arm. The next time you went through the checkout line, your proudly displayed your new tattoo, declaring, "Annie, I love you, be my girlfriend!" At first she laughed, thinking that you were joking. Then, when she realized that you were serious, she grabbed the phone and called for security. Why must love be so cruel?

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