More About Ultraviolet Tattoos

Ultraviolet tattoos are one of latest trends in the tattoo industry. Originating in the US and Japan, these tattoos are popular with those looking to conceal their tattoos.

Ultraviolet tattoos are made with special inks. When viewed under a black light, these tattoos appear to glow, and the effect can be very dramatic. Used alone or in combination with traditional colorings, a skilled tattoo artist can create stunning effects with black light tattoo inks.

Colored UV inks are available, but they are not as vibrant as traditional inks under normal lighting conditions. You may obtain better results by combining traditional inks with UV highlights. For best results, traditional colored inks should be applied and allowed to heal before the highlighting procedure.

Invisible ultraviolet tattoos are made with white ink. After a twelve to eighteen month healing process, colorless black light tattoos will be invisible, making them a suitable choice where a traditional tattoo may be undesirable.

Black light tattoos take more time than a traditional tattoo, and may cost more as well. But the advantages -- invisibility and a very high "wow" factor -- make them a popular choice.

Because black light tattoo ink does not blend on the skin they same way traditional inks do, it is important to choose a highly experienced tattoo artist. The tattooist should have a black light on at all times during the procedure to ensure the best results.

The most popular black light tattoo inks do not contain phosphorus, and are believed to be safe for use on humans. Ultraviolet tattoos should be protected from excessive sun exposure to prevent fading or yellowing.


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