Laser Tattoo Removal: The Painful Reality

Envy is part of human nature. People envy other people's success, looks, and even their creativity. Creative types often "get inked", and with celebrities making the process more and more popular, people are getting body art done who are just trying to imitate a trend.

Unfortunately, people are fickle, and what was once a fun and cool tattoo will now become the subject of laser tattoo removal. The ways that people have obtained their tattoos are really interesting. Of course, getting a tattoo by a professional at a tattoo parlor is the most mainstream way. Even tattoo artists themselves sometimes have laser tattoo removal done.

In the United States, a person has to be at least eighteen before they can get a tattoo. However, that hasn't stopped some minors from tattooing themselves with India ink. Those who are lucky enough to have not gotten ink poisoning end up with a tattoo that's just asking for laser tattoo removal.

However, India ink is a particularly potent kind of ink, and once it is injected into the epidermal layers, its goal is to stay there. The laser tattoo removal process is known to be painful anyway – with each pulse of the laser being akin to suffering a quick burn. So, that pain is only magnified when a tattoo made of India ink needs to be removed. So, if you are a teenager who thinks it would be cool to get a tattoo, don't get a homemade one – be responsible and wait until you're maturely ready to get a tattoo.

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