Laser Tattoo Removal New Orleans

Have you experienced a little bit of Mardi Gra in your life in New Orleans, but would like to have a little less tattoos on your body? If so, then laser tattoo removal in New Orleans can help get rid of those pictures and names that you no longer want to display on your body.

If you regret your tattoo, then you will want to learn more about laser tattoo removal. Because lasers produce a better quality result, minimize pain and reduce the chances of scarring, they are the preferred method of tattoo removal and tattoo lightening.

The Q-Switch laser is the laser that is used to remove tattoos by most doctors. This laser produces extremely short and powerful pulses of light through the skin's surface, destroying the pigment below into tiny particles that are harmlessly removed by the body's immune system in the weeks following the treatment.

Each laser pulse feels like a rubber band snapping against your wrist. Most people state that it feels similar to have a tattoo put on.

Each tattoo pigment like black, blue, red, and green, absorb a specific wavelength of light. Dark ink usually responds more rapidly than brighter colors because they are able to absorb the light better.

Professional tattoos can take between 1-10 treatments before they are completely removed. The average amount of treatments ranges between 5-10. Homemade tattoos don't need quite as extensive treatment and only require 1-4 treatments. All of the treatments are spaced about two months apart or longer. is a leading resource for tattoo removal information. Search for a laser tattoo removal clinic near you today!

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