Tightening Tattoo Laws Nationwide

tattoo_laws_tighten_tattoo_blog_Feb2009.jpg A nationwide trend to stiffen tattoo laws has now been implemented in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Public Health is hoping to increase fees and education for tattoo parlours. This new wave of restrictions seems to be a countrywide trend to reduce the number of tattoo-clad individuals in the workforce. Many police departments, fire departments, and government agencies have been urging current employees and future candidates vying for positions to either remove or hide their body art. The new laws will be as follows, "Proposed changes include prohibiting minors from tattooing, prohibiting tattooing in residences and mandating tattoo artists to take classes on the spread of blood-borne pathogens. Also, annual fees for tattoo artists would jump from $40 to $100. The fee for shop owners would increase to $150 from $25, and inspection fees would go to $250 from $200, Stone said." Many tattoo artists understand the new restrictions and parents are applauding these new sanctions. Because for ages, teenagers would go behind their parents back to get a tattoo then sheepishly return in dire need of removing it after a case of nasty buyers remorse. We'll see if the trend starts picking up in other states as well.

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