Ultraviolet Tattoos

Ultraviolet tattoos also called black light tattoos are created with unique ink that becomes visible under a black light. In the past ten years, teens have flocked to tattoo shops around the globe to have these forms of tats designed especially for them. The popularity derives from the fact that they can be easily noticed with black lights and dance lights at raves, nightclubs and all night parties.

The tattoos that are created with ultraviolet ink cannot be seen in normal light, but glow with the assistance of a black light. The special effects of the black light enable the ultraviolet tattoo to light up in multiple colors. The dazzling surge of colors is very fascinating. In most cases, an ultraviolet tattoo is located on key parts of the body like the face, arms and legs.

These ultraviolet tattoos may be cool, but they pose significant safety issues. The chemicals used to create the ultraviolet inks are raising red flags all over the place because of the number of skin problems that are emerging that are directly linked to the UV ink.

Skin problems include:

• Skin rashes

• Blisters

• Infections

There is also some concern that these inks could have the probability of causing cancer.

Because of the risks involved and the unanswered question, some tattoo artists are refusing to use it and in actuality its use is waning. And one more thing that you should no if you are considering an ultraviolet tattoo, there are no regulations safeguarding the chemical DNA of UV ink, making it easy for some tattoo artists to manufacture their own UV ink.

Putting an ultraviolet ink tattoo on is more complicated then a normal tattoo and necessitates an expert level of skill to apply. Because the inks don't light up in normal light and don't mix well, awareness to detail must be focused on during the application process. Continuous use of a black light to see the tattoo is needed.

In addition, the ultraviolet ink tattoo does will take longer to apply than regular inks, because the ultraviolet inks are thin and harder to work with.

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