Why Laser Tattoo Removal Isn't a One-Shot Procedure

Laser tattoo removal is a terrific technology that can take what was supposed to be permanent and make it disappear. However, it's not something that's done easily. Despite the advancements that have been made in laser technology, it still takes several treatments to completely remove a tattoo. Many people interested in tattoo removal are frustrated when their doctors inform them that they'll need a series of treatments to get the job done. However, there's a reason behind the process and understanding that reason can help you be a little bit more patient when you're getting treated. First of all, you have to remember that you got the tattoo with the intention that it would be there forever. The inks that are used are designed to last a lifetime which means that getting rid of them is no easy feat. (Although that's all changing with the new tattoo inks that are coming on the market.) So part of the problem is that you're trying to erase something that was never meant to be erased. That's not all though. A recent Houston newspaper article reminds us that tattoos use different colors of ink and that only one color at a time may be removed. Think that your tattoo is a solid color? Think again. Even tattoos that appear to be one single color probably incorporate different colors of ink to achieve the exact shade that you were seeking when you selected the image. Finally, you should remember that laser technology is limited by the size of the tattoo and its placement on the body. If you have a large tattoo that takes up your entire back, you're going to need a number of treatments to get rid of it. Think about it; you probably needed a number of tattoo sessions to get that ink done. That's because your body can only handle so much. If you tried to remove the entire thing in one shot, you'd be crying with the pain. Laser tattoo removal, when done by a qualified doctor, should take only a few sessions but the exact number will depend on your tattoo. Be patient. Although it can be frustrating to see your tattoo slowly disappearing, you'll be glad that you did the tattoo removal process correctly. Question of the Day: How many treatments do you think a typical tattoo takes to be removed? photo link
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