Topical Tattoo Removal Creams: Do They Really Work?

Getting a tattoo is relatively easy when compared to tattoo removal. Over the years, tattoo removal techniques have multiplied, including excision of the tattoo, chemical peels, laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion, intense pulsed light (IPL) and topical creams. Topical creams are not widely used by most certified tattoo removal professionals, as laser tattoo removal is the "gold standard" due to its effectiveness.

Some patients may choose to combine laser tattoo removal with topical creams, though the benefits are not guaranteed. Tattoo removal may be a costly endeavor, and seeking the sound advice of a professional tattoo removal specialist may be the best way to acquire reliable information about effective tattoo removal.

Can tattoos be removed with creams?

Tattoo removal cream manufacturers advertise various success rates and some creams, such as Tat B Gone and Tattoo-Off, are widely available. Topical tattoo removal creams are a low-cost option when compared to laser therapy, but their success rates and skin safety are not 100% proven. There is no guarantee that these creams will effectively lighten or remove a tattoo, and every tattoo and skin type is unique.

The FDA has offered information for consumers which states that tattoo removal creams offer no proven credible benefit. Many of the ingredients are shown as "high-risk" on cosmetic safety databases and have unknown side-effects. Testing for allergies is important before using any sort of topical ointment. Of course, those seeking tattoo removal are free to try various treatment options to see which offer satisfactory results; however, laser tattoo removal is currently the "gold standard" tattoo removal option with the highest success rates.

Are there any side effects associated with tattoo removal creams?

When using a topical ointment or cream, there is always a potential for side effects, including allergic reaction, change in skin texture, and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Why would someone consider tattoo removal creams?

Tattoo removal creams function as skin bleaching agents, and they may fade the tattoo and surrounding skin. Individuals wishing to lighten their tattoo prior to laser tattoo removal to lessen the number of required laser treatments, and thus the overall cost, may try using tattoo removal creams. But as mentioned, using tattoo removal creams provides no guarantees.

How much do tattoo removal creams cost?

The price of tattoo removal cream varies, ranging from $50 to $100 for a small jar of cream. Tattoo removal cream manufacturers usually recommend monthly purchases for 3-12 months, with daily applications.

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