Learning About TCA Tatoo Removal

Body art has evolved over the centuries from being an indication of the status of a person within a tribe, to an actual fashion accessory. While some people take their body art very seriously, there are also people who grow tired of them over time. This could be because the body art reminds them of a time in their life that they no longer identify with, or perhaps because they are simply no longer happy with the design.

TCA tattoo removal is an alternative way to get rid of a tattoo without lasers being used. TCA tattoo removal involves applying the clear TCA solution to the tattoo with a q tip. The solution then acts as an irritant to form a controlled form of inflammation on the tattoo area. This inflammation causes the skin molecules that have bonded to the tattoo ink to start to break apart. As new skin grows, the tattoo starts to fade.

There are a number of reasons why people choose this particular way to remove their tattoo. One reason has to do with the cost of the material being significantly lower than a laser procedure would be. TCA tattoo removal is a procedure that can be done at home by the person who wishes to get rid of their tattoo. However, the TCA itself should only be obtained by a medical profession. As for how often the TCA tattoo removal procedure should be done, in order to avoid scarring it is best to only do it every six weeks.

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