Unlicensed UK Tattoo Removal Salon Fined For 2nd Time

Over in the UK, you have to have a proper license to perform laser tattoo removal. However, that doesn't stop salons without the proper licensure from performing tattoo removal procedures. The threat of fines isn't always enough to deter businesses that know they can profit greatly from offering these much-desired services. In fact, the actual punishment of fines doesn't seem to be enough of a deterrent, at least not in the case of one salon which was recently fined for the second time. The salon owner paid the original fine of £15,000 and continued providing laser tattoo removal (as well as laser hair removal) at his salon. He has now been charged double that fine for continuing operations without a license. The man also received a two-year prison sentence which was converted to probation and is required to perform one hundred hours of community service work. Here in the United States, there are no strict laws requiring laser tattoo removal specialists to have specific medical licenses. However, as more legislators become aware of the importance of treating this issue seriously, legislation to this end may be passed. In the meantime, make sure that you always work with a qualified doctor to get tattoo removal. Question of the Day: Do you think a fine is appropriate punishment for providing laser tattoo removal without a license? photo link

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