Unique Tattoo May Require Removal

People get tattoos of all kinds of different things. A recent USA Today article about changing trends in tattoos starts off with a story about a man who has a tattoo of his family tree on his arm. Although the article goes on to discuss all sorts of different things including how "hip" tattoos are, which stars have how many of them (Britney, nine), and who has had celebrity tattoo removal, the image of that family tree tattoo leaves a lingering impression. At first glance, it sounds like an interesting tattoo. Families are important and it's kind of neat to think that you could get your lineage on your arm/leg/back for all the world to see who is important to you. But that assumes that you've got a family which is uncomplicated enough to warrant some sort of permanency. When you start thinking about all of the different divorces, remarriages, step-children, adopted children ... the sprawl of that tree could grow rapidly. And although tattoo removal is getting increasingly cheaper and more efficient, you probably don't really want to have to get it done every time that a change happens within your family. photo link
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