Teens Leaving Gangs Need Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal may be done for cosmetic reasons. However, it is also often done as a way of making a life change. While for many this is symbolic, for others it's a necessity for moving forward. That is frequently the case for gang members who want tattoo removal after leaving the gang. In most cases, gang-related tattoo removal programs are designed to assist adults in their rehabilitation. These are usually older adults who have spen some time in prison and who are now looking to leave their criminal activity behind. Tattoo removal is a step in that process. However, it's not only adults who face these issues. There are teens in gangs who realize at a young age that they made a mistake. To get out of the gang life, they need to get those tattoos removed. If they don't, they're going to face problems and peer pressure from everyone in the neighborhood or school who knows what the gang tattoos mean. Learn more about two teens who have gotten this kind of tattoo removal from Inside NoVa. Question of the Day: Should teens be allowed to get free tattoo removal if it's to get them out of a gang?

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