Tattooing and Removal in the Middle East

mideast_tattoo_removal_tattoo_blog_Mar09.jpg We all know tattoos and tattoo removal are part of the Western culture, we occasionally make hasty decisions and regret our body art and thus spend the few thousand dollars to get our mistake erased. Now in less developed countries many folk are lining up for a tattoo and some for a removal. In Islamabad, body art is gaining popularity. The Daily Times reports on this new phenomena, "People with tattoos vary widely in their preferred methods of caring for new tattoos. Some prefer a new tattoo after a while, while others carry on with the same for a long time. As modern tattoos are available, it is possible to remove them with the help of laser. However, religion enjoins against tattooing, as it commonly symbolizes the images of animals, birds or a person. So one cannot offer prayers with pictures tattooed on his body," said a religious scholar." If tattooing becomes even half as popular as it is in the states, the next booming industry in Islamabad will be tattoo removal.
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