Tattoo Removal Resumes After Delay in Program

We regularly see cases of tattoo removal being used as part of rehabilitation for gang-affiliated criminals. However, the people in a Fresno rehabilitation program who had expected to get tattoo removal haven't had so much luck in the last couple of years. That's because the program that they were involved with was put on hold in 2006. The problem was that the county-run program was not utilizing equipment owned by the county. Instead, it was using the equipment of the plastic surgeons who were contracting to provide the service. The county opted to cease their tattoo removal program until they had their own equipment. That has now been achieved and the county will resume its tattoo removal program. Many people who had been involved in the program had already started their tattoo removal treatments and have been living their lives with half-removed tattoos for the past two years. They are happy to learn that they will finally get the rest of their tattoo removal. Question of the Day: Does it make sense to halt a tattoo removal program in the middle of providing rehabilitative services? photo link

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