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One of the best ways to determine whether or not you want to get laser tattoo removal is to take a look at photos of the tattoo removal that other people have gotten done. This gives you a really good idea of what laser tattoo removal will look like and what the process of tattoo removal will be like. Following you'll find some photos from around the web which can help you get a picture of tattoo removal. Here's a photo of a tattoo removal that has just completed its first session. It required numbing cream and an additional twenty-five injections to numb the area in order to complete it. That's because this is such a big tattoo: Here's a look at a smaller tattoo that's in the process of tattoo removal: Sometimes an allergic reaction will occur which causes some blistering due to the laser tattoo removal process. This is rare but it's something to be aware of and to ask your tattoo removal doctor about. For those people who don't think that laser tattoo removal is right for them, here is a look at how a tattoo cover-up can come out:
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