Tattoo Removal on TV Not the Same as Reality

Recently we took a look at the fact that tattoo removal is being featured on a prominent television show - Prison Break. The main character of this show had a huge and elaborate tattoo that was highly important to the plot of the show in its early stages. The tattoo has now become less intrinsic to the plot of the show and is being worked out of the story with the use of laser tattoo removal to get rid of the tattoo. A recent interview with the star of the show made a great point about tattoo removal. It noted that laser tattoo removal is a very painful process particularly for someone who would be getting a tattoo of this size removed. The interviewer noted that the fact that the character doesn't seem to be in agony is contrary to the reality of getting a tattoo removed. The star of the show wisely replied that there is a precedent on shows like this of healing much more quickly than you normally would. For example, a character may get shot in one scene and be moving around okay shortly thereafter which isn't the case if you get shot in real life. This is just another reminder that things don't happen in real life like they do on TV and that's true for laser tattoo removal. Question of the Day: Does it make sense that the removal of the Prison Break tattoo doesn't demonstrate a lot of tattoo removal pain?

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