Tattoo Removal on BBC Entrepreneur Show

BBC American recently issued a press release announcing plans for a new television show about entrepreneurs. The premise of the show is that people come forward to pitch their brilliant business ideas to a group of self-made millionairres who judge them based on their three-minute presentation. The millionairres are going to be investing their own money in the best projects to get these businesses off of the ground. A line-up list of the episodes of the show reveal that episode four will include a pitch for some sort of laser tattoo removal. No details are available other than the fact that this business idea is competing against ideas for a new souvenir board game and an odor-eating mat for pets. It is assumed that there will be a brilliant twist on laser tattoo removal here since it's going to be pitched in this fashion. This is just another example of how laser tattoo removal is making it more and more into the mainstream. Read more about the upcoming show here. Question of the Day: What will be unique and different about the laser tattoo removal business pitched on this entrepreneurial show? photo link
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