Tattoo Removal is an Act of Personal Expression

There's a great quote in a recent article over at which touches on the reasons behind getting a tattoo removed.
"It's a process many are willing to endure because removing a tattoo, like getting one, is a personal statement."
This quote comes from a story about a man who is choosing to remove two of his sixty tattoos including the teardrops that are located on his eye. He cites the reason as being because these tattoos are from a different time of his life and that they are no longer what he wants people to see when they look at him. Getting a tattoo is a highly personal act. The image and placement of the tattoo may have great significant meaning for the person who is getting them. Even when they aren't highly significant, they reflect the person's choices, beliefs and interests at the time that the tattoo is received. But what many people don't realize is that getting a tattoo removed can be just as personal. People change and we should be allowed to adapt our appearances to reflect those internal changes. Tattoo removal helps facilitate this process for people who feel that they've moved on from the era during which they got their tattoos.
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