Tattoo Removal Gets Rid of Homemade Tattoos

When you think about tattoo removal, you probably imagine a tattoo that was professionally done but has gotten outdated. You think of a lover's name that needs to be taken off once the relationship has come to its end. You think of a cartoon character that was cute on an eighteen-year-old body but not on one that's 38. It's true that these are common cases that lead to the desire for laser tattoo removal. However, there's another kind of tattoo that's out there and which frequently causes an interest in tattoo removal. That tattoo is the homemade tattoo. Kids who are too young to get professional tattoos may do the tattoos themselves at home. Gang members and other fringe community groups may use self-tattooing as a form of group identification. In many cases, the self-inflicted tattoo isn't of high quality, fades quickly and represents a phase of life that was temporary. These are all reasons that someone might get tattoo removal. ABC13 recently reported on this issue as it happens in Houston, TX. It should be noted that the laser tattoo removal specialist isn't the only one in the Houston area who can perform this kind of work. Question of the Day: Would you be more likely to remove a tattoo that you did yourself or one that you got professionally done? photo link

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