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Tattoo_Parlor_Hotspot_Tattoo_Blog_April09.jpg Kat Von D is known for her reality TV show's Miami Ink and LA Ink, but the tatted up TV star is also seeing a boom in her tattooing fame. Her parlor – High Voltage Tattoo – in West Hollywood is seeing a flurry of customers hoping to get clad in some Kat Von D ink. Kat in fact has become so famous in the tattooing and reality TV world she is releasing a book about her endeavors in the industry. But will the popularity and rising star of tattooing and the industry also incite a peak in removal? Often times the surge of tattoos also translates into a surge of remorseful patrons looking to remove their marks. I suppose only time will tell if the Kat Von D customers keep their art or opt for removal.

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