Tattoo Advertising Could Cause Increase in Tattoo Removal

We all know that tattoos have gotten increasingly popular over the last several years. Once edgy and rebellious, they're now very mainstream. And as soon as something edgy goes mainstream, it gets picked up by marketing gurus who are interested in getting people to buy their products. That's happened with tattoos according to a recent article by The Canadian Press. The article focuses on all of the different advertising which has sprung up in relation to tattoos. There's the energy drink called Inked which is being marketed to people who already have tattoos. There's the Dunlop Tires deal in which devoted customers who get the Dunlop logo get a free set of tires. And then there are a number of places which offer temporary tattoos as a means of marketing. That's great for the marketing world but what does it mean for people with tattoos? When something edgy goes mainstream, it loses its appeal for those people who were interested in its edge. This could mean that increased tattooing among the mainstream population will make it less popular among edgier segments of society. This is particularly true if it's a practice associated with marketing and advertising, segments of the mainstream culture which are often distasteful to those on the edge. And this could, in turn, mean that people who already have tattoos may start looking at laser tattoo removal to get rid of the images that have now become so popular across the nation. This would be especially considered by edgier folks who have old tattoos which might now be considered some form of advertising for the product or service that they represent. Question of the Day: Would you get tattoo removal just because a significant number of people in society are now getting tattoos?

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