Strategic Tattoo Placement May Reduce Need For Removal

People who are willing to think through the long-term impact of having a tattoo prior to getting inked can make choices that will reduce the need for tattoo removal down the line. The most common example of this is the person who considers getting a lover's name tattooed on the body; realizing that the relationship may not be forever could make the individual to decide not to get the tattoo and therefore not to need tattoo removal when the relationship goes awry. Another important example, and one that applies to more people who are getting tattooed today, is that choosing careful placement of the tattoo could reduce the need for tattoo removal later. A recent article pointed out that workplaces often still require that tattoos not be visible so the professional who would have to get laser tattoo removal for the tattoo on a forearm could opt to get the tattoo on the back instead, where it would never be seen by co-workers and therefore wouldn't warrant removal. The main thing that you want to think about when choosing the spot on your body where you are getting a tattoo is who is going to be able to see that spot and in what settings. If these are appropriate over the long term then you'll reduce your interest in laser tattoo removal. Also consider the way that this part of the body may change over time and how that will impact the tattoo. Question of the Day: Are most people capable of thinking of the long-term ramifications of tattoo placement or will we always need tattoo removal because of this issue?

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