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travel_tattoo_tattoo_blog_Mar09.jpg Over the weekend a good friend of mine seemed quite distraught after his younger 'foolish' brother went overseas on a holiday with friends and came home with loads of tasteless tattoos. The wonderful older brother that he is, my friend began inquiring how his travel-wary Thai symbol clad brother can get rid of his tattoos. The disgruntled older brother was not too amused by my quick remark of just get laser tattoo removal. Frankly, not everyone knows about the details, prices, pain and time involved in laser tattoo removal. Often times young 20-somethings come back from months abroad with newfound travel tattoos. However, upon their arrival back home to mom and dad, they are faced with buyers remorse and pressure from parents. So like my friend, many people are unaware of tattoo removal options. I believe the public needs to be educated about tattoo removal, so that in times of need (like when your little brother comes home with horrendous tattoos) you can help him and your parents out! Check out www.tattoohealth.org and educate yourself and your loved ones about tattoo removal options.
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