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tattoo_eyeball_tattoo_blog_Mar09.jpg Generally when we think of tattoos the first thing we associate it with is body-art, however a recent fad as emerged in Europe where tattoo aficionados are tattooing their eyeballs. Yes you heard me right, eyeballs. Because of this outlandish behavior a Utah opthalmologist is seeking to ban the use of such procedures. The risks associated with eyeball tattooing are insurmountable - from long term cornea damage to ulcers there may be a likely chance the patient can end up with irreversible damage. A Utah based NBC affiliate station said, "Young people are having the whites of their eyeballs injected with a dye. A small needle, which is almost the sharpest needle made, pierces a thin membrane, injecting the dye. Utah ophthalmologists do not mince words on how dangerous they believe this practice is. "It you do it, it is absolutely irreversible. You will never be able to take that away," said Dr. Majid Moshirfar, also an ophthalmologist at the Moran Eye Center." Physcians like Dr. Moshirfar are looking to educate the public on this ridiculous behavior and put a stop to eyeball tattooing.
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