Possible Tattoo Bans at School

Ban_School_Tattoo_blog_june09.jpg In the past few months a number of government agencies, police force and fire departments have been implementing tattoo bans for employees. Many are being urged by employers to hide their visible tattoos or get them removed. In fact the trend appears to be spreading to some school districts. In one situation a young boy has been barred from coming to school because of his five visible tattoos. AsiaOne News said, "The school's student handbook states that the school does not allow students to have tattoos and, should a student be caught with one, he or she can return only after starting laser treatment to remove it. But the boy is adamant that he has done nothing wrong. 'If tattoos are not allowed in school,' he said, 'why then is there no minimum age (for getting a tattoo)?" Such stringent rules have yet to be the norm among most school districts, but the potential does exist.
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