No More Negative Stigmas

For years there has been a taboo around tattooing and people with body-art. However, with the increase in tattoos amongst the youth population and the boom in tattooing among celebrities, tattooing no longer has a negative stigma. Also another aspect that has aided in removing the stereotypes is tattoo removal. I feel that because tattoo removal exists and it is so readily available and effective (with time and cost), tattoos no longer have a 'forever' permanent feeling. So since we can get them removed when we want, they are not as edgy. Tattoo removal in my opinion has revolutionized the industry as whole because it has shifted the culture of tattooing from mysterious and edgy to mainstream and accessible. In fact many news stories throughout the day are about celebrities getting a tattoo or removing one. Just today Access Hollywood had a story about Lindsay Lohan going to a tattoo parlor.

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