New Tattoo Laws

New Mexico state legislation passed a tattoo-regulation in 2007 and the deadline is approaching November 12. With only a month to go, tattoo artists and parlors must apply for a state license for tattooing and piercing their clientele. New Mexico is hoping these more stringent laws will safeguard public health and make sure body artists abide by proper health guidelines. Unlicensed tattoo artists using unaccredited products and tools may rouse infections in clients. The law also enforces all tattoo artists and shops to pay a $300 fee in addition to taking and passing a test regarding tattoo laws. If tattoo artists fail to obtain the license in a timely fashion the cosmetology board is imposing even more severe protocols to make the lincensing process more difficult. The board is asking them to, "…complete a 40-hour theory course, a state board exam and provide proof of a 1,500-hour apprenticeship." So all New Mexico based body ink artisits should consider getting their application in before November 12th. Go to for the more tattoo-related information and removal procedures.

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