New Law Could Lead to More Tattoo Removal

There is a new law that's being considered in Indio, California this week which could ultimately lead more people to consider getting laser tattoo removal. That's because if the law passes then it is going to punish those people in the area who have gotten tattoos that are known to be gang-related tattoos. People who aren't interested in going to jail simply for affiliation with a gang may consider gang-related tattoo removal in order to avoid arrest. The new law is not designed specifically to target those people who have tattoos. Instead, it is intended to reduce gang affiliation in a number of ways including stopping gang members from associating with one another. One of the ways that gangs identify themselves to one another is through their tattoos so affiliation could be reduced if gang tattoos are removed. The good news for the people who are in this position is that gang tattoos tend to be among the easiest of tattoos to remove. That's because they are generally single color tattoos that are inked in colors that are easy to get rid of with laser tattoo removal treatments. The bad news is that there may not be enough non-profit tattoo removal help for these patients to be able to afford to erase their gang affiliation symbols. Question of the Day: If this law passes, shoudl the government there be responsible for assisting with the payment of laser tattoo removal for removing gang tattoos?

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