Neighboring Businesses

A smart business should always open up shop where the customers are. One New Plymouth business owner did just that. The Vanishing Point tattoo removal clinic is open for business next door to the Vision Tattoo parlor. For some, this may seem to be a conflict of interests. However, both businesses work together and enjoy being located in close proximity to the other. Both businesses promote healthy tattoos. For Vision, that means creating wonderful works of art with ink. For Vanishing Point, that means fading bad or unwanted tattoos. Sometimes Vanishing Point will fade a tattoo and then send the customer over to Vision to have new ink put on as a cover-up. The owner of Vision Tattoo has even used the tattoo removal clinic to fade a tattoo on his hand. Tattoo removal clinics and tattoo parlors are not enemies. In many ways they compliment each other. They both service the same customer at different points in their lives. This is just one example of businesses working together to service the interests of the customer.

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