Name Tattoos that Don't Require Removal

We've warned you again and again not to get the name of someone that you love tattooed on your body. That's because it's the biggest cause of tattoo regret out there. People who go in search of laser tattoo removal are most often doing so because they have a tattoo of the name or symbol of someone that they would be in their lives forever. As you probably can guess, most people find that the tattoo ink lasts far longer than the smoldering embers of romance. In fact, most tattoo artists will forfeit the profit of a customer and warn people seeking these kind of tattoos that they probably shouldn't get them. However, not all of the names that you could put on your body are bad. Quad-City Times reports that there has been significant growth recently in the population of customers seeking to get tattoos that represent their children. For many, it's the child's name (in English or in another language). For others it's a portrait of the child that they seek. And still others get symbols of their children such as flowers in the colors of their children's birthstones. Since your kids are going to be your kids forever, no matter what, this is one trend that isn't likely to cause a boom in laser tattoo removal services. Sure, some people will decide that they don't like having a tattoo at all and will get it removed one day but most parents who get these tattoos are happy to always have their kids with them in this way. So if you're thinking about tattooing a lover's name on your body, maybe you should hold off until there are kids in the picture and go that route instead. Question of the Day: Would you be more interested in a tattoo of your lover's name or one of your child's portrait? photo link
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