More Tattoo Bans

Another tattoo ban has entered into the Texas workplace. A month ago we reported that government officials, police officers and firefighters were banned from exposing visible tattoos during work. And the most recent addition to the workplace ban are nurses. A Texas hospital is stiffening rules, nurses with visible tattoos are being told to either hide them or get them removed. Yvonne Van Dyke of Seton Hospital released a statement saying,
"We don't want to have anything in the environment that minimizes the confidence and the trust that the patients have in the nurses because we have very competent nurses."
A few other hospitals in and around Austin, Texas have also developed this new no-tattoo dress code. Now that body-ink removal has become widespread and considerably more cost-efficient, employers are taking action to employ stringent tattoo-laws. Many states including California and New Jersey have caught onto this recent wave of body-art removal codes, we'll see in the near future if a flurry of other states join in. Photolink
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