Megan Fox Is Sexier Than Charlize Theron Because of her Tattoo

Tattoo removal can be a great thing for a great number of people but the fans out there think that Megan Fox should avoid it. The young actress from Transformers recently made the number one spot on a list of women named sexier than Charlize Theron. The reason behind the article was that Theron was recently named "The Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire Magazine and the author of the article begged to differ about that. There's no denying that Theron is hot but the author says that Fox has got her beat, and Fox's sexy tattoo is a major contributing factor to her hotness. The tattoo which is located on her shoulder blade reads "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies". It's a Shakespearian reference apparently but there is also humor in it because of the irony since so many girls out there get butterfly tattoos. How many butterfly tattoos do you think have been removed by older women who have found after a few years that there's actually nothing unique or even particularly cute about getting a stenciled butterfly put on their bodies? But a unique tattoo like Fox's which helps her sexiness shine is no candidate for removal. photo credit

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