Making Room for Another

Tattoo removal is not always used by those who hate their tattoos. In fact, it is often used by those who love the ink and want an updated look. Tattoo removal can be used to remove older tattoos to make room for fresh tattoos after full removal. Dr. Kirby spoke to the LA Times about his experiences with tattoo removal. "So oftentimes we see people who are coming in to have tattoos removed in order to make space for new ones. Maybe it's an ex-lover or something they are no longer involved in, like a band or a gang. So they'll get those tattoos removed and have fresh ink put on" says Kirby. This fresh slate allows for large areas of the skin to be available for new tattoos. Often times a person may want a different tattoo on an area of their body, such as the back or arms. In order to change their tattoos, laser removal is used to completely wipe clean the original old tattoo to make room for more. The skin is said to be more sensitive after tattoo removal, but the pain is similar to that if you were to tattoo over an existing tattoo.

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