Make-Up Tattoos

The tattoo industry is moving from traditionally tough or artsy crowds to housewives going cosmetic. No this is not the usual discussion about tattoo taboos, instead the industry is moving forward in a time of downturn towards a more lucrative demographic - middle aged women and even thirtysomethings. For those of you sick of applying your lip liner, eye liner or even eye shadows, some tattoo artists and cosmetic clinics are offering more permanent make-up options by using tattoos. said, "Unlike regular body art tattoos, the cosmetic variety uses a subtle colour palette and aims to naturally enhance assets. The procedure adds coloured pigment to the second layer of the skin - unlike a body tattoo which is added to the third layer - to ensure the results have a soft, muted tone. "We call it permanent make-up because you don't apply it every day. But it's not permanent as such, it's semi-permanent," says cosmetic tattooist Michele Curran." From removal techniques to semi-permanent ink, the tattoo industry is making massive headway in a dwindling economy. People young and old seem to be paying for tattoos whether they are for cosmetic purposes or in fact for removal of their young past.

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