Long Beach Removal Reaching Out to Gangs

When we think of tattoo removal,the first that comes to mind is removing that botched job, or the name of an ex-flame. But a newly implemented Long Beach tattoo removal program is helping ex-gang members and current gang-members detach from there criminal lifestyles by removing their tattoos. The Long Beach Memorial Medical Center is urging these troubled men and women to come to the monthly removal clinics - many come on their own, while some are referred by Police, probation officers or school counselors. According to professionals at the clinic,

"The clinic is free, but participants must complete five hours of community service prior to each tattoo removal appointment. The average tattoo takes at least six sessions to erase."

Many men and women who have gone through the removal process have told Long Beach Memorial their lives have been changed: from chances to get a job to full removal and detachment from former gang affiliation.

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