Funding for Tattoo Removal Inciting Criticisms

Media hype is surrounding the new earmark set for tattoo removal by the government just last week. The $410B spending bill is causing a stir with it's $200,000 for tattoo removal program. Tattoo experts say it costs roughly $40 per square inch to remove a tattoo, so no wonder this means big bucks spent on removal. Regardless of what media organizations think about the governments decision to fund tattoo removal, it is still a huge boost for the industry. In tough economic times removing tattoos can make a significant dent in your bank account, many people have been opting out of tattoo removal treatments solely based on finances. However, many of these people are those looking for jobs and are not being hired because of visible tattoos. Hopefully this funding helps these people in the workforce find jobs and careers. What is your take on the tattoo removal funding? Is it a viable cause for media hype, or is this just another political agenda?

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