Family of FL Candidate Faces Unlicensed Medical Practice Charges

There is a Hillsborough County Commission candidate in Florida who is facing some serious issues with his family this week. The wife of the candidate as well as her brother-in-law have been accused of practicing medicine without a license. Laser tattoo removal is one of the procedures practiced in the salons of the accused. The politician involved in the case is Don Kruse. He has assisted his wife with her business since it opened in 2004. She is accused of allowing students and others without a medical license to practice procedures such as laser hair removal. She says that all procedures that were done without the proper certification were done as practice for the students. They were performed on each other for free and included no paying clients, a practice which she says is legitimate. The same is true for her brother-in-law who operates a similar business doing laser tattoo removal, Botox and other "spa style" treatments. The risk that officials are concerned about is that anyone getting these procedures done assumes that their practitioner knows what he or she is doing. Question of the Day: Would you be upset to learn that your laser tattoo removal specialist didn't have a license?

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