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People who love their tattoos but who have made tattoo mistakes which led them to get tattoo removal should know that they are not alone. Many people in this position feel that somewhat isolated from the hardcore tattoo community because of the fact that they have gotten tattoo removal. It makes them feel as though they are viewed by that community as someone who just dabbles in tattoos and changes their minds. However, tattoo regret is common even among people who are true tattoo fans. In fact, some people get their tattoos removed specifically so they can get more body art done! Those people who are in this position might be interested in checking out a site called It's a free site which is affiliated with the Body Modification Ezine which requires paid membership to read. The free site shows off a series of tattoo photo galleries and allows people to share their stories. A number of people on this site have been open about their experiences with laser tattoo removal. (We mentioned one here recently.) This is a great place to start forming a community of people who are in the same position as you regarding your tattoos. Question of the Day: Is it important to be part of a community that loves tattoos but has gotten tattoo removal? photo link
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